Chimichurri Sauce








In Argentina,

life is celebrated around the fire

with a rich cultural heritage of grilling only the finest and

freshest quality beef, offal, wild game, seafood and seasonal vegetables.

Gauchos and sophisticated Porteños alike

know that food this good deserves only one thing:

Chimichurri --

a classic handcrafted sauce of All-Natural, Non-GMO ingredients, mended together in just the right recipe, love and care.

Honoring Argentine tradition since 1996,

Gardel’s authentic family Chimichurri sauces elevate everything that comes off the grill.™

Argentine Grilling Sauce

For a very special meal in 1968, Mom needed to conjure a chimi that would delight a demanding group of diners, both refined and traditional.  This classic, authentic recipe did the trick, making Mom's first dinner at her future in-law’s estancia one everyone would always remember.

Chimichurri Auténtico

Enjoy the best chimichurri on prime beef steaks, wild game, seafood and vegetables, or even on its own with fine breads and savories.

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Ajies & Balsamico 
Spicy Argentine Grilling Sauce

Inspired by Mom and Dad's 1972 honeymoon in Italy, Ajies & Balsamico captures the refinement and spirited kick of Italian cuisine. Its secret is pairing hot aji peppers with something else Mom fell in love with on her honeymoon:  100% balsamic from Modena, at the time rarer in Argentina than gold. Mom & Dad returned home carrying two things that would delight their friends and families for yearsthe secret to this unique, bold chimi, and my older brother Max.

Chimichurri Ajies & Balsamico

Elevate the best chimichurri experience with a subtle blend of spice and sweetness in this proprietary twist on a classic.

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Before our family opened Gardel’s in West Hollywood in 1996, the parrilla in our Buenos Aires home brought the family together physically and in spirit. While Grandfather manned the flames, Dad enchanted us with his stories and jokes, giving Mom the freedom to unleash her greatest passion: creating the unforgettable Chimichurris that elevate everything that comes off the grill.




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