Gardel’s proudly honors the centuries-old tradition of chimichurri with faithful dedication to the sauce’s original perfect simplicity. Our authentic chimis are hand-crafted, sourcing only the freshest ingredients, as used in Argentina.

  • Aged balsamic imparts deep smoky flavors with a subtle sweetness that elevates everything, particularly poultry and pork.

  • A proprietary twist on a classic. Assertive yet approachable, with a piquant spice rounded by mellow sweetness.

  • 5.00 out of 5

    A favorite among purists, this family take on a time-honored tradition perfectly complements beef, wild game, seafood and vegetables. Or try it on its own with fine breads and savories.

  • Notes of bright lemon and understated tanginess enhance crudo, grilled fish, and poultry.

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