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Life Before and After Choripán

I have many childhood memories of being cuddled between my two older brothers in the back seat of a Peugeot 504. It was a very popular car in Argentina at the time, and Mom always drove one. This particular memory is different though, special. It...

Secrets To The Perfect Skirt Steak

When my family opened Gardel's in 1996, Argentine cuisine was an unknown in LA. Mom's skirt steak and chimichurri recipe became an instant classic and was instrumental in putting us on the map as a steak house. Now, 20 years on and still...

All Things Must Lamb

We love lamb at Carlos Gardel, and so do our guests. Depending on the source of our lamb, Mom has different preferences for marinating and preparing it. Needless to say, Patagonian lamb, raised in the Patagonia region at the tip of South America, is our favorite....

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